Canvas Cheat Sheet

Canvas Cheat Sheet for Getting Started



To help us understand what Canvas LMS is, think of a house.  Canvas is like a house as it holds all the parts of student’s learning that the teacher is working on for the day or week.  This makes access to assignments, activities, videos, and more, easy to find!

The Canvas login can be accessed in a couple ways:

  1. From a school issued Chromebook, click on Google Chrome at the bottom of the screen to open the internet.Then move the mouse to the stacks (top arrow) on the right side of the page near your child’s Google sign in and click on it to have a drop down screen appear. From there scroll down until you see the red Canvas app (bottom arrow) for RISD and click on it.Canvas will open and the dashboard is up.

     Access Canvas

  2. Canvas may also be accessed through the link located on the RISD “resources” webpage.To get to the resources just search, then on the RISD homepage click the big red button. You will see the symbol for Canvas as you scroll through the page.Click on the Canvas app and you will be taken to the login page.Once the student has logged in the dashboard is up.

 Canvas Icon

Navigating Canvas:

Along the left-hand side of the screen you will find all of your navigation buttons.  Here are a couple links to some simple tutorials for parents to help get the student started:

  • Canvas Home Page
  • The Dashboard is the main focus of Canvas for elementary students, however, there are other buttons that might be helpful such as the calendar button to check for scheduled due dates, or the help button to ask the instructor a question.The dashboard holds cards (bottom arrow) to connect to courses the student is enrolled in with the teacher.
  • The student’s “to do” list (right arrow) is also present on the dashboard, so no deadline is missed.Below the “to do” list is a feedback area where teachers may leave comments for students in regards to their work.
  • The inbox button (left arrow) allows the student to contact the teacher.


As always, if there are questions contact the student’s teacher or the office for further help.

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